Oral & Maxillofacial Diseases Research Center
Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

Mosannen Mozafari p., Seyyedi A., Amirchaghmaghi M.

Wedmed central J.

ISSN 2046-1690, ID: WMC001890

Mosannen Mozafari p., Layegh p., Tonkaboni A., Amirchaghmaghi M.

Wedmed central J.

ISSN 2046-1690, ID: WMC001961

Dalirsani Z., Mohtasham N., Falaki F., Bidram F., Nosratzehi T. 

Australian J. of Basic and Applied Sciences

2011, 5(5): 936-942 ISSN 1991-8178

Falaki F., Tonkaboni A., Saghravanian N.

Pak J. Med Sciences

April- June 2011, Vol. 27, No. 2, 477-480

Amirchaghmaghi M., Sarabadani J., Delavarian Z., Mozafary PM, Shahri A., Dalirsani Z. 

Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal

Volume: 13 Issue: 3 Pages: 217-218 Published: MAR 2011

Falaki F., Dalirsani Z., Pakfetrat A., Falaki A., Saghravanian N., Nosratzehi T., Pazouki M.

Med oral Patol oral cir Bucal-Oral medicine and pathology

A Head of Print

Healing Process Following Application of Set or Fresh Mineral Trioxide Aggregate as a Root-End Filling Material

Habibi M., Ghoddusi J., Habibi A., Mohtahsam N.

European Journal of Dentistry


Mandibular Swelling as a First Manifestation of Multiple Myeloma: A Case report

M. Amirchaghmaghi, A. Pakfetrat, P. Mosannen Mozafari, S. Saghafi


2010, Vol. 35, No. 4

Oral Cancer Knowledge among Patients Referred to Mashhad Dental School, Iran A. Pakfetrat, F. Falaki, A. Habibi, S. Shabestari Iranian Medicine

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Evaluation of the diagnostic value of a Modified Liquid-Based Cytology using Oralcdx Brush in early detection of oral potentially malignant lesions and oral cancer Z. Delavarian, N. Mohtasham, P. Mosannen Mozaffari, A. Pakfetrat, M. Taghi Shakeri, R. Ghafoorian Maddah Oral Medicine & Pathology 1;15(5): e671-6
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