Oral & Maxillofacial Diseases Research Center
Mashhad University of Medical Sciences




  • Promoting quality and quantity of diagnostic methods and diagnostic and therapeutic aid of Oral and Maxillofacial to advance and improve the quality of community health services in East countries
  • Setting up rich and complete database about the disease in the country, particularly East and Epidemiologic lesions compared with global statistics, including WHO


  • Basic and clinical research and application of epidemiology in tumoral and non tumoral lesions of the mouth and jaw with a variety of forms: ulcers, lesions of peripheral and central relief, white and red pigmented lesions and systemic diseases, oral protests
  • Special investigation lesions more common in the mouth, jaw and face, including: RAS - Lichen Planus - oral Cancer - premalignant lesions (Leukoplakia and Erythroplakia)

  • Application of research in diagnostic methods and new diagnostic and therapeutic aid to early diagnosis and definitive Oral Maxillofacial Face with an emphasis on odontogenic tumors - the most common salivary oral cancer and premalignant lesions (Leukoplakia and Erythroplakia)

  • Conducting research on the use of saliva in systemic diseases - cancer

  • Doing research in the Etiology of tumoral and non tumoral lesions of the mouth, jaw and face in the Iranian population, especially East of the country

  • Research on construction of animal models for oral disease diagnostic and therapeutic applications

  • Immunology research in the field of oral mucosa

  • Research in the improvement and use of new methods of treatment and specialized jaw reconstruction with an emphasis on new methods in treatment of tumors, particularly tumors of odontogenic

  • Application of research in diagnostic methods and new diagnostic aid in cases of systemic conditions with oral protests

  • Competent medical professionals - dental diagnosis and treatment lesion and non neoplasic neoplasic Oral and Maxillofacial

  • Evidence-based research on prevention and using the results in patient education and counseling for their dependents

Major goals

G1: Introducing Research Center Oral and Maxillofacial - identification - and the establishment and development with national and international research centers

G2: prioritizing, conducting, facilitating and monitoring implementation of relevant research

G3: creating and setting up research and development units (as sub)

G4: persuading and empowering researchers and other doctors - dentists for fast and accurate diagnosis and treatment

- Having a human resources specialist

 - Possession of laboratory equipment, diagnostic kits, medical facilities and the ability to expand them

- Ability to communicate with faculty research centers - Research Institute in the country

- Possibility of employing drugs and herbal products produced in the country through contact centers, Pharmaceutical Research, etc.

- The ability to produce and publish articles in reputable local and foreign as possible and using their results in order to promote community health

- Pole of Mashhad Dental School in the North East country (and the advice to refer patients)




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